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Be careful not to rush back to work after a back injury

Back injuries are common in a number of professions, such as nursing, factory work, agriculture and construction. Even those who work in offices can suffer back injuries. Back injuries can be the result of repetitive motion or using too much force to lift an object. While people can take steps to try to prevent back injuries, Minnesota workers should know what steps to take if they suffer back injuries on the job.

Preventing back injuries

People can follow some safety precautions to try to keep themselves safe from back injuries, including:

  • Lifting only small, manageable loads
  • Using smooth motions when lifting
  • Utilizing power from the legs when lifting, rather than pulling up with the back
  • Using partners when lifting heavier loads
  • Taking advantage of machinery such as conveyors or hoists to lift loads when available

Healing from back injuries

It is important for those who have suffered back injuries not to try to rush back to work before they have properly healed. An employee who has been injured on the job in Minnesota will receive a Report of Work Ability form from his or her doctor, which will detail any restrictions on the employee’s physical activities and for how long the employee is restricted. It is important that the worker makes his or her employer aware of any restrictions so that the employee does not hinder the healing process by engaging in work that is too strenuous.

Workers’ compensation for back injuries

People may not be aware that if they receive a back injury while working, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to assist in recovery. Those who are out of work for over three days because of their injuries can receive lost wage benefits, as well as compensation for their medical bills. Additionally, if people are unable to return to their job duties because of their back injuries, then their employers must allow them to return to light-duty work if there is an open position available.

Many people are confused by the Minnesota workers’ compensation claims process. Trying to figure out how to receive workers’ compensation benefits while recovering from a work injury can be more than many can bear. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers get the benefits they need to recover. If you have been injured on the job, seek the assistance of a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you collect the benefits to which you are entitled by law.

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