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What Is A Notice Of Intent To Discontinue Benefits? Do I Need A Lawyer?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2012 | Notice Of Intent To Discontinue Benefits, Workers' Compensation |

Most injured workers believe there is no need for an attorney after a work injury. After all, their benefits are being paid, a nurse case manager has been helping them schedule their doctor visits, and the adjuster is just so darn nice. What you don’t know is that the “friendly” adjuster, “helpful” nurse case manager or “neutral” insurance company QRC have likely been acting to get your benefits cut off behind your back. They send forms to your doctor, call you doctor, have you seen for a “second opinion” by a whore doctor called an independent medical examination or some companies like RTW and State Fund Mutual may even have their paid staff doctors call your doctors to try and convince them that you might not be as injured s you really are. With a report in hand the insurance company will send you a NOID or Notice of Intent to Discontinue your workers compensation benefits. You will fill like you were kicked in the stomach without any warning. It happens EVERY day to injured Minnesota workers.

You now have just a few weeks to act in order to expedite the prompt preservation of your ongoing work comp benefits. Almost every attorney and workers compensation judge will tell you that at this point you need to speak with an attorney. Your attorney will immediately file an oral or written objection to the discontinuance of wage loss benefits with the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings in St. Paul. An expedited NOID or “239 Conference” will be set within a few weeks and you will have a chance to tell a judge why your benefits should not be stopped. Following the conference the judge will issue a decision that will likely be appealed for a full 1/2 day hearing by the losing party. This will be the second appearance before a workers compensation judge and you will have the opportunity for full hearing which includes exhibits, sworn testimony, and with the assistance of an experienced workers compensation attorney, a report from a physician to support your claim.

If you have received a NOID or Notice of Intent to Discontinue Minnesota Workers’ Compensation benefits, contact one of the attorneys with Atkinson Gerber Law Office. With over half century of combined experienced handling workers compensation cases, we are ready to assist you. There is NEVER a fee unless we recover for you and we are willing to provide a free consultation 7 days a week. Our phones are answered 24 hours/day 365 days a year.



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