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Who Are The Best Workers Compensation Lawyers In Minnesota For Me?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |


The best lawyers are those who have decades of experience, preferably on both sides of cases AND most importantly one who really listens to you.  By “listen to you” I mean letting you drive where you want the case to end up.  Are you fighting to get the treatment you need, do you want to be retrained, are you fed up with the workers compensation system and just want to be done with the whole thing?  Every client has a different objective when they come in to meet with me.  At Atkinson Gerber Law Office, we make recommendations and answer questions while you help us navigate where to take your case.  Experience absolutely matters in this regard.  Inexperienced lawyers make mistakes, they don’t know the judges, defense lawyers, insurance adjusters and the ins and outs of this complex system called Minnesota Workers Compensation.  Minnesota workers compesation cases often require immediate decisions that matter.

There are also experienced lawyers who have very little workers compensation experience.  They do divorces, DUIs, car accidents and wills.  If I want a will, I go to an attorney who is an expert at drafting wills.  If you need a workers compensation lawyer you should go to an expert.  All workers compensation lawyers charge the same fees and never charge any fee unless they recover benefits for you.  Why pay for a rookie when you can have a pro.  Thomas Atkinson and the lawyers in his office attend workers compensation court conferences and hearings nearly every day of the week.  Judges know us by first name as do our opponents.  We are available by phone and email on a regular basis in order to keep you informed about your case.  Feel free to call Atkinson Gerber Law Office, if you would like a Free Consultation today.  There is never a fee unless we recover for you.  651-333-3636.  We represent clients throughout the state of Minnesota.



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