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I Have A Minnesota Work Comp Knee Injury. What Can I Expect?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2013 | Work Injury, Workers Compensation |


Work related knee injuries generally involve sudden onset of pain as the result of a specific action or develop gradually over time resulting in what we call Gillette injuries.  Gillette refers to a Minnesota Supreme Court case recognizing that many injuries can take

weeks, months or even years to develop.

Our bodies have 4 ligaments in the knee, which work in the pairs. The anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament control the forwards and backwards movement of the knee in order to provide the majority of the knee’s sta

bility. The medial and lateral collateral ligaments provide side to side stability for the knee.

Ligaments are usually injured by sudden twisting movements, or when a great deal of force go

es through part of the knee , ie a fall at work on to your knees.

1) ACL Injuries

What is it: Anterior

Cruciate Ligament gets overstretched and tears/ruptures
Knee bending the wrong way, pushing back too far or twisting of the knee
Immediate Symptoms:
Popping sound, swelling, pain, giving way
Long Term Consequences:
Lack of stability with pivoting and twisting
Exercise rehab and/or surgery.

2) MCL Tear

What is it: Damage to some or all of the fibres of the Medial Collateral Ligament.
Force through the outside of the knee eg tackle, sudden twisting of the knee eg skiing
Inner knee pain, swelling, instability, difficulty bending the knee
PRICE, exercises, knee brace.

3) Knee Strain

What is it: Overstretching any of the knee ligaments which tears some of the tissue. This is one of the most common knee injuries
sudden force through the knee or sudden twisting
knee pain, swelling, instability, difficulty bending and straightening the knee
PRICE, exercises, knee braces.

Cartilage Injury

The knee joint is lined with 2 types of cartilage, articular cartilage which lines the bones and then a second layer of cartilage known as the meniscus. The meniscus works like special cushioning to reduce the force going through the knee bones.

1) Meniscus Tear

What is it: Tear in the cartilage lining the knee joint. This is one of the most common knee injuries
a) Suddenly – force through the knee or sudden twisting of the knee, or b) Gradually – through wear and tear ie arthritis
knee pain, swelling, locking, instability, difficulty straightening the knee, difficulty walking
PRICE, exercises, knee brace, tubigrip, sometimes requires surgery. Can take a long time to heal.

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