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The top four types of injury supporting a workers’ comp claim

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Work Injury, Workers' Compensation |

Workplace accidents come in all forms. Many people may think that working with power tools is the main source of injury for Minnesota workers. While power tools can present hazards to human life and limbs, structures and surfaces are the leading sources of injury in Minnesota workers’ compensation claims, according to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI). With the knowledge in mind, it is not surprising that fall down accidents top the list of types of events that are involved in workers’ comp claims. The agency says that roughly 22, 500 people received benefits in 2014.

Common Workplace Accidents

DOLI says that 18 percent of workers who received wager loss and disability benefits were injured in falls to the same level. Falls to a lower level (generally falls from heights) accounted for another 5 percent of all claims. It is not necessarily dangerous conditions that cause workplace injury. Fortunately, for workers who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses, there is no need to prove negligence.

The Nature Of Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Injuries

The agency says the more than half of all claims (53 percent) involve some form of sprain, strain or tears of tissue (such as torn ligaments). Pain is the basis of roughly 11 percent of Minnesota workers’ compensation claims, followed by contusions and fractures – each accounting for 10 percent of successful claims.

The workers’ compensation system is designed to be a streamlined process to get injured workers the medical care they need to recover – most often with the hope of returning to work with a fair process. Workers also receive benefits to offset lost wages to relieve the anxiety that is associated with financial strains.

Unfortunately, many businesses and insurance providers are more concerned about their own bottom lines, rather doing what is right for an injured worker. If you have been injured on the job, speaking with a focused workers’ comp lawyer can help you to get the full and fair benefits you deserve.



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