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Arthritis: A common condition that could have an uncommon effect

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | SSDI Benefits |

Arthritis is a relatively common medical condition, but your individual case could have an uncommon impact on your life. This type of illness could ultimately compromise your ability to work and support yourself, causing financial strain for your family. If you consider yourself disabled because of arthritis, you would be wise to explore your options for seeking certain benefits.

Many Minnesota workers do not realize how serious a case of arthritis can be. While arthritis itself is not a terminal disease, it certainly can have an impact on multiple areas of your life. In the most serious cases, victims may be strictly limited in movement or immobile and living in constant pain.

What you may not know about arthritis

While arthritis is a common medical condition, it is largely misunderstood and its impact grossly underestimated. Approximately 50 million adults have arthritis, and this number will likely increase in the decades to come. In fact, arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the country. Other little known facts about this condition include:

  • One-third of adults with this illness experiences limitations in what they can do at work.
  • This condition is the leading reason for adults to miss days from work, more than any other type of medical condition.
  • Arthritis is one of the most expensive types of medical conditions to treat and manage.
  • Arthritis is more common in individuals who have other types of chronic conditions.

While many people are able to live and work with arthritis, that may not be the case for you. Medication may not do much to manage your pain and you may be physically unable to do certain aspects of your job, even things that you were able to do in the past. If arthritis precludes you from holding gainful employment, you could have a valid claim to disability benefits.

Who is eligible for disability benefits?

Not everyone with arthritis will be eligible for disability benefits, but you may be if you are unable to work because of it. Individuals with certain medical conditions and financial need would be wise to speak to an experienced disability attorney to better understand the options that may be available to them.

Filing a disability benefits claim is not an easy process, and many initial applications come back denied. While the process is complex, there is no reason for you to navigate it on your own. With the appropriate legal guidance, you may find it easier to seek the disability benefits you need because of your arthritis.



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