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Denied workers’ comp claim? Here is what you should do next.

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation benefits exist for the benefit and financial support of injured workers. If you suffered an injury while at your Minnesota workplace, you know how important it is to secure these benefits for medical bills, lost wages and other accident-related needs. When a claim comes back denied, you need to know what you should do next and how you can continue to fight for the benefits you need.

After a denied claim, it can be helpful to first try and understand why the insurance company denied it. These companies do not have your best interests in mind, but you have the right to keep exploring your options and pursing the support needed for your recovery.

Common reasons for a denied claim

There are many reasons why a claim could come back denied. It could be the result of an error in the application itself or other reason, such as:

  • Injured worker did not report the injury promptly.
  • The claimant failed to file the claim in enough time.
  • The employer of the claimant disputed the claim.
  • The injury suffered is not compensable.
  • There is not proof that medical treatment was necessary.
  • There is not enough evidence that the injury is actually work related.

Typically, the denial letter will tell you why your claim did not get approval. It will also likely include a deadline for an appeal, if you believe that you have grounds to move forward with that option. Whatever you decide to do, it is in your best interests to act quickly.

Appealing a denied claim can be a complicated process, but it is not an endeavor that you have to take on alone. Injured workers may find it beneficial to have experienced guidance for every step of the workers’ compensation process, from the initial application to the final appeal.

Protecting your rights as an injured worker

A work accident can change your life. Even a minor injury can require expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Coupled with lost wages from missed work, medical bills can quickly take a negative toll on your family’s financial well-being.

You may have a rightful claim to benefits provided through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. However, actually securing these benefits can be complicated, and you may have to fight through denied claims and appeals. You have the right to a full and fair recovery after a work accident, and you are also entitled to a full explanation of your legal rights and the workers’ comp claims process.



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