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COVID-19 Deemed “Occupations Disease” By MN Department of Labor

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you or a loved one got sick with COVID-19 while employed you may be covered by a new Minnesota Department of Labor law.

Who is covered under the new law?

You are covered if you work as a:

  • Peace officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician or paramedic
  • Correctional officer, security counselor, or work for the state or county in a corrections or detention facility
  • Healthcare provider, nurse, home or long-term care
  • Childcare provider for the children of first responders and healthcare workers

This is not a complete list and the above are only “presumptive” occupations. Any worker in Minnesota who can establish that an illness or disease is caused by a work exposure may bring a workers compensation claim. Many other types of employees can still claim a workers’ compensation injury and may be eligible for other relief. Contact the work comp experts at Atkinson Gerber Law Office today; 651-333-3636.

When the injury happened and how to prove it

Your date of injury is the date you were unable to work due to the virus or unable to work due to symptoms that were later diagnosed as COVID-19.

Notify your employer AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE SYMPTOMS. You need to provide your employer with a positive test result, or a diagnosis based on symptoms by a medical professional. Keep a record of your symptoms.

What benefits does the law provide?

The workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Dependency benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Are self-isolating workers eligible for workers’ compensation?

At this time only those workers who contracted the virus can file a workers’ compensation claim. If you were told to self-isolate at home because of exposure or possible exposure, but you are not sick, you do not qualify under this new law.



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