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The basics of machine shop injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation |

If you work in a machine shop in Minnesota, you are always at risk of injuries. This is because machine shops typically feature a lot of heavy machinery and tools. The good news is that with workers’ compensation, you can get the medical care and financial assistance you need if you’re injured on the job.

What are some of the most common machine shop injuries?

The first one is lacerations that require stitches. These are common because workers’ hands, which are often holding tools in machine shops, can come into contact with sharp edges or moving parts of machinery. Workers may also suffer lacerations when they accidentally fall onto table saws or other dangerous machines in close proximity.

Fractures are another common injury workers may suffer. Fractures are common because metal ships feature metal pieces, moving parts, and other factors associated with heavy machinery. All these elements can lead to fractures to arms, legs, fingers, toes, shoulders and other parts of the body.

Machine shop workers also tend to suffer from burns. Burns are often caused by many things in a machine shop, such as sparks flying off of machines, oils or other liquids that are on fire, or even the heat generated by machinery.

How do I know if I’m eligible for workers’ compensation?

If you get injured in a machine shop, the first step is to determine if you are eligible for workers’ compensation. In order to be eligible, you must have gotten injured while on the job and the injury must have occurred as a result of your work. It is also important to note that workers’ compensation benefits may be available to you even if you were at fault for your injury.

It’s true that people who work in machine shops can do a number of things to stay safe at work. However, accidents happen every day, and workers’ compensation is there to help in case you’re the one affected. Just remember that if you get injured at work, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure you get the medical care and financial assistance you need.



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