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Avoiding warehouse accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Minnesota residents who work in warehouses hold difficult jobs. Certain accidents are common, but workers can learn how to avoid them.

Slips, trips and falls

Many warehouse workers experience slips, trips and falls and suffer serious injuries that require workers’ compensation claims. These accidents can be avoided by making sure the floor is clear of hazards such as equipment, materials and spills. Non-skid coating for floors can prevent slips if floors are frequently wet. Areas should be well-lit.

Falls from heights can be deadly, but they can be avoided when fall protection is used. This could include safety harnesses that can protect workers in the event of a trip and fall.

Forklift accidents

A forklift accident can happen to new and seasoned workers alike. Any employee handling a forklift should be adequately trained on properly using it. When the employer regularly trains workers on how to safely operate or be around forklifts, it can prevent potential accidents and tragedies.

Warning signs, bright lights and physical barriers can help prevent accidents with pedestrians.

Heavy equipment

All warehouse workers should recognize the dangers of handling heavy equipment. This includes machinery as well as boxes or crates. Proper training is the key to preventing accidents involving heavy equipment in the warehouse.

Exposure to harmful substances

Warehouse workers often come into contact with toxic substances that could adversely affect their health. Always wear personal protective equipment when handling harmful substances. This includes face masks, goggles and rubber gloves. There should be access to eyewash stations, fire extinguishers and first aid kits in the event of an accident.

Workers should also have the right type of shoes for the job. Those should be sturdy work boots that have good traction in the soles.

Repetitive motion injuries

When workers continuously lift heavy boxes and objects, it can lead to ergonomic problems and repetitive motion injuries. These accidents and injuries can be avoided through proper training and promoting ergonomic safety. For example, the use of a machine to help with lifting heavy objects and backrests for forklift seats can help.

Working in a warehouse is difficult work, but it doesn’t have to lead to accidents that put people out of commission.



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