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What truckers need to know about back pain

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

For truck drivers, back pain is an ever-present hazard. When the discomfort worsens over time, it can be debilitating.

Road accidents sometimes happen, often causing severe back injuries. The financial strain that comes from these incidents can be crushing. The good news is that workers’ compensation insurance is there to help.

How truckers can prevent back pain

Stopping a back problem from developing doesn’t take much effort. Follow these tips, and lower your odds of experiencing discomfort.

Check that you are maintaining the optimal driving position. Adjust your seat so that it is the ideal distance from the wheel. Avoid hunching or reaching outward. Your back and head should rest naturally against the seat.

Take more frequent stretch breaks. You only need several minutes to give your muscles the movement they need. Develop a routine you can stick with every time you hit the road.

Upgrade your seat cushions. This may not seem like a worthwhile investment. Still, comfortable seating can make an enormous difference.

Consider taking vitamins and natural supplements. Talk with your doctor about which are best for you.

How truckers can treat back pain

After back pain develops, reduce swelling by applying an ice pack. Outfit your rig with a travel freezer so you will always have one nearby. Use a heating pad if your muscles feel tight. Whether treating your back with heat or cold, limit sessions to 20 minutes.

Despite your best efforts, back pain might still develop. In some instances, back pain is incurable without surgery or extended rest. After consulting a physician, get in touch with a workers’ compensation specialist. This person can provide invaluable help when filing for financial relief.



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