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Injury risks increase with newly hired workers

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Older workers in Minnesota tend to experience the most workplace accidents and the severest injuries. However, a new 2022 report reveals that nearly half of all injuries affect new workers more than experienced workers. The first year on the job tends to be the most dangerous one that leads to the filing of workers’ compensation claims.

The time of hiring determines the risks of accidents

Each year, millions of workplace accidents and injuries occur. Approximately 35% of all injuries occur during the first year of a newly hired employee’s job, according to the Travelers’ 2022 Injury Impact Report. New workers are proven to make the most mistakes when adjusting to their new job, regardless of their age or years of experience.

Meeting requirements for filing claims

New workers face more problems when they file workers’ compensation claims incorrectly. The main problem is choosing the correct deadline from the wide range of deadlines that injured employees have to meet. The recommended solution is to inform your employer within 14 days after the injury occurs. Filing on or after the 15th day is considered a late notice, and the employer has the right to deny the claim except under certain circumstances. In addition, there are special cases when employees seek workers’ compensation for an injury that develops slowly and is not initially recognized as work-related.

Newly hired workers are more prone to injuries than long-term workers. This includes new workers who have many years of experience. They enter new companies that have different policies and environments that they’re not used to. Within the first year, they are likely to suffer from injuries that force them to file workers’ compensation claims.



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