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When rotator cuff surgery may be necessary

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Surgery |

Years of construction work have taken a toll on many parts of your body. But, every morning, you continue to rise early and report to the latest building project. However, this day, the pain and discomfort in your shoulder is borderline unbearable, and you have difficulty lifting up your arm.

The problem may be a torn rotator cuff, comprised of tendons and muscles that keep the shoulder in place. Construction workers and athletes commonly sustain this injury usually caused by the shoulder being overused and from repetitive activities. It may also happen while bracing yourself in a fall. Sometimes, these injuries occur over a lengthy period of time.

Reestablishing the shoulder’s function

In certain cases, rotator cuff surgery may be necessary. The process may include surgeons having to cut or shave off bone spurs that pinch the shoulder, or surgically repairing torn muscles and tendons. This is usually accomplished by open surgery or arthroscopic surgery.

Through rotator cuff surgery, surgeons hope to reestablish the shoulder’s flexibility and function, while attempting to relieve pain and discomfort.

Several months for full recovery

Upon completion of the surgery, the patient must abide by a number of restrictions and take things slowly. For at least the first six weeks, patients should not lift, reach, push, pull or place weight on the affected arm. No driving for a while, either.

You must remember that for construction workers, it may take as much as six to eight months to gain a full recovery. The rotator cuff needs time to heal. If you return to work too soon, the rotator cuff may retear.

Another matter to understand is that rotator cuff surgery may lead to certain complications. In fact, in some cases, the muscle weakness and joint pain may continue, and the patient may never regain the full range of motion in the shoulder.

Allow your shoulder to heal

Rotator cuff surgery may help workers, but it also may prove challenging. You have to be patient in your recovery and allow your shoulder to heal. Despite the fact that you likely will be unable to work for months, do not rush into returning to your job.



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