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Injured? Take Action Now!

Help For Injured Minnesota Workers

While people can sustain injuries while working in virtually any setting and industry, there are some jobs and industries that are much riskier than others when it comes to accidents and the potential for injury. At Atkinson Gerber Law Office, we have helped injured workers across a wide range of industries. However, we have substantial experience helping injured construction workers, including union workers, injured health care workers and other employees whose jobs involve a great deal of physical activity, heavy equipment and safety risks.

Fighting For Injured Workers Across All Industries And Occupations

We work to provide protection of your rights and workers’ compensation assistance after any workplace injury, including:

  • Construction worker injuries
  • Health care worker injuries, including nursing injuries
  • Office worker injuries
  • Police officer injuries
  • Firefighter injuries
  • EMT injuries
  • Injuries to state workers
  • Warehouse worker injuries
  • Injuries to retail workers
  • Corrections officer injuries

No matter what profession you work in, chances are good that we can help you seek the benefits you are entitled to.

What Are Your Rights As An Injured Minnesota Worker?

If you were hurt on the job in Minnesota, your workers’ compensation rights include:

  • Coverage of your medical bills and treatment related to the injury/illness
  • Reimbursement for certain costs related to your injury
  • Payment of a certain portion of your lost wages due to time spent unable to work
  • Assistance with training and job searches if you are unable to return to work due to your injuries
  • Fair treatment from your employer

The specific benefits you are entitled to will depend on the nature and severity of your injuries. To fully understand and exercise your rights, it is a good idea to work with an experienced attorney like those at our firm.

Can You Be Fired For Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Thankfully, the answer is no. According to the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA), it is illegal for your employer to fire you or threaten to fire you for exercising your right to pursue workers’ comp benefits following an accident. The company can face civil liability for violating this law.

That being said, some employers try to fire workers after a workplace accident and will state a nondiscriminatory reason for the termination (even if it is a lie). While hiring an attorney won’t necessarily prevent this, it will likely make your employer think twice about taking adverse employment action against you. If they do so anyway, your attorney can help take appropriate legal actions in response.

If You’re Released By Your Doctor To Work Either Light Duty Or Modified Duty, Do You Still Receive Benefits?

If your employer does not have a job available within your work restrictions, your benefits should continue even though you are released for light duty. The insurance company may file a Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits (NOID); do not ignore this document. Immediately contact attorney Thomas Atkinson who will request an immediate administrative conference on your behalf.

What Should You Look For When Hiring A Minnesota Workers’ Comp Attorney?

The two most important attributes are experience in and knowledge of workers’ compensation law. This is a complex area of law, and that complexity makes it easier for employers and insurance companies to deny claims and discourage workers from seeking benefits.

Our practice is devoted to workers’ compensation matters, and our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience helping injured workers from all walks of life. No matter how complex your case may be, chances are good that we have helped clients successfully overcome similar challenges in the past. We can help you, too.

Learn About Your Rights And Options During A Free Initial Consultation

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing help for injured Minnesota workers. We can be reached 24/7 with our after-hours answering service and are available to schedule consultations to meet at your convenience. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 651-333-3636 or contact us online.

If your injury prevents you from visiting our staff in the office, we are happy to make home, hospital and off-site consultations by appointment. We represent clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and statewide.

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