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Hand/Wrist/Arm/Shoulder Injuries

Injuries to the upper extremity of the body are often injuries that cannot be physically seen, such as tears to muscles, nerve damage and repetitive stress injuries. These injuries can be very serious in the sense that a significant amount of medical attention and rehabilitation is required to heal the injury. If you have been injured, turn to our experienced firm for guidance and support.

Serving the Twin Cities area, Atkinson Gerber Law Office is dedicated to representing people who have suffered injuries on the job. Our firm is built on the foundations of professionalism, integrity and aggressive advocacy. We believe that every person deserves quality legal counsel. At our firm, we commit to providing legal services that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Hand, Wrist, Arm and Shoulder Injury Claims

Our attorneys have experience advocating for clients in job injury claims involving:

  • Wrist and elbow injuries: Suffered by office personnel, people who frequently work on a computer with a mouse and those who have jobs that require repetitive motions with the wrists.
  • Finger and hand injuries: From repetitive use, use of power tools, hand tools and more.
  • Shoulder injuries (rotator cuff injuries): Injuries from working overhead and jobs that require lifting or moving of heavy objects.

Experienced Attorneys Who Understand Your Case From a 360-Degree Perspective

In a work injury claim, it is essential that your attorney understand that nature of your injury so that the proper course of action can be taken. Because of our experience representing injured workers’ throughout Minnesota, our attorneys have gained the insight and knowledge necessary to handle nearly any type of injury claim.

Attorney Tom Atkinson understands workers’ comp claims from both a legal and medical standpoint and is highly familiar with the variances in hand, wrist, shoulder and finger injuries, and what type of medical treatment will be necessary in order for you to start your recovery.

Contact Our Minneapolis/St. Paul Repetitive Stress Injury Lawyers

Have questions? Please contact our attorneys. To schedule a free initial consultation call 651-333-3636. We can be reached 24/7 with our after-hours answering service and are available to schedule consultations to meet at your convenience. If your injury prevents you from visiting our staff in the office, we are happy to make home, hospital and off-site consultations by appointment.

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