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What Is A Notice Of Intent To Discontinue Benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2013 | Notice Of Intent To Discontinue Benefits |


When I meet with new clients I often tell them to take time to think about what I have told them before hiring an attorney.  However, if you get an NOID or Notice Of Intent To Discontinue Benefits you need to call and meet with an attorney with ONE week of receiving the notice.

There are many reasons to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney.  The first reason is that if you contact an attorney to assist you with this dispute immediately, we can help assure that you get before a workers compensation judge within a few weeks to have him/her consider whether your benefits were reasonably stopped.  Second, any decision by that judge from the court conference can and will be appealed for an expedited FULL hearing within 60 days and that decision could mean impact whether your benefits are forever stopped or continue for the remainder of your life.  This is one of the fastest disputes in an authorize often slow system.  2-3 months isn’t much time to gather medical records and request narrative reports from your treating doctors.  You MUST act immediately.

At Atkinson Gerber Law Office, we represent clients whose benefits have been discontinued nearly every single week.  We have a team approach with lawyers, paralegals and an investigator who almost with exception have personal experience with the Minnesota workers compensation system.  If you call another law firm ask the lawyer you speak to how many years they have handled workers compensation claims?  Have they taken cases to the Minnesota Supreme Court?  Do they practice in other areas like car accidents and dog bites or are they truly work comp specialists?  Let us help you today.  Our consultations are absolutely free.



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