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Temp workers have a higher risk for work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2016 | Work Injury |

The traditional permanent job may seem like a confusing subject for many people in Minnesota. Temp work is increasingly becoming more of a norm than ever before. Recent research shows that the growth rate in temporary work has exceeded the rise in traditional employment over the past decade. Different government agencies use a variety of factors for considering whether a worker should be classified as a temp worker, making it difficult to track how many workers have temp jobs. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recently estimated that 17 million Americans are temp employees.

Tighter Regulation And Improved Training Could Improve Safety

What is quite troubling, however, is that the temp industry is often far more dangerous for workers than traditional jobs, according to NIOSH. While many temp jobs are available in an office setting, roughly 37 percent of temporary employees are placed in manufacturing jobs. Regulations and oversight of temp work create some hazards due to ambiguities in accountability between the staffing agency and the company where the work is performed.

Similarly, workers in temp jobs frequently do not receive the same kind of training and long-term stability that permanent jobs offer, leading to increased risk for injury. NIOSH says that temp workers are twice as likely to suffer a work-related injury as permanent employees, especially in the manufacturing, service and healthcare industries.

Temporary Employees May Be Entitled To Workers’ Comp Benefits

While there may be some ambiguity in safety regulations for industries that rely on temp workers, you should understand that temporary staffing agencies (the general employer) and host companies (the special employer) have a joint responsibility to cover employees with workers’ compensation insurance in Minnesota. If you have suffered an injury while on-the-job in a temporary position, you may be entitled to full workers’ compensation coverage.



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