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Don’t Fall Down On Your Workers’ Compensation Claim After A Fall

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Work Injury, Workers' Compensation |

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Minnesota workers know that there are some jobs that are simply more dangerous than others. Industries such as construction and health care may carry a higher risk of a worker suffering an injury, but every man and woman who works faces a threat that he or she could suffer an injury at some point.

One of the greatest threats to worker safety is the risk of a fall. In fact, workplace falls are one the major sources of injuries to employees of all kinds. If you fell and suffered an injury in your workplace, it is possible that you could have grounds to pursue financial support through a workers’ compensation claim. You would be wise not to make any assumptions about your case and to fully explore this option.

The risk of falling at work

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are a risk for people in many different kinds of jobs. From slipping on wet floors to falling while changing a light bulb, anyone can experience this type of incident in his or her workplace. Falls in the workplace often relate to the following hazards:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Unsafe ladder usage
  • Holes in the floor
  • Lack of or misuse of fall protection equipment
  • Unprotected edges

Even a minor fall can lead to seriously painful, even debilitating, injuries. Employers bear the responsibility of making sure that their workplaces are free from unnecessary hazards that could place workers at a high risk for injury.

You may think that because you work in an office or don’t have what many people may consider to a dangerous job that you are not at risk of experiencing injuries in a fall. In reality, over 200,000 people are hurt in job-related falls every year, including people from every field. The jobs that seem to have the highest risk for falls include construction, maintenance, health care and transportation.

The care and support you deserve

If you experienced injuries while at work, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include your medical care, recovery of a portion of your lost wages and more.

The workers’ compensation claims process can be complex, and you may find it beneficial to first seek an evaluation of your case before you move forward with a claim. You may have experienced a serious fall and suffered injuries at work, but you do not have to figure out your recovery needs on your own.



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