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How serious can a fracture be?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2019 | Work Injury |

Construction workers face significant dangers every day. From falling to equipment failure, any number of accidents can cause serious injuries.

One type of injury that construction workers race are compound fractures. Though a fracture may not sound as scary as a spinal cord or brain injury, these injuries can also cause serious, life-altering consequences.



What is a compound fracture?

A compound fracture is a bone break in which the bone pierces through skin. Following this injury, both your body and bone face exposure to debris, contamination and bacteria.

This exposure to contamination means that infections such as staph and strep are a serious threat. Because of this, Compound fractures can often cause complications that are far more serious than a broken bone.

Treating a compound fracture

In surgery, your doctor debrides the wound, which means that they clean it out as thoroughly as possible. Thereafter, the surgeon irrigates the wound to make sure no outside contaminants remain. Only after completing these two tasks will he or she stabilize the broken bone.

Your exact treatment plan depends on the severity of the compound fracture. If an infection gets into your bone, you face a significantly more aggressive treatment plan and a much longer recovery period. Even under normal circumstances, your recovery will take many weeks longer than a closed fracture.

What happens next?

If you experience complications from your compound fracture, you could require more surgeries, more hospitalization and more medical intervention in order to recover. Depending on how well you recover, you may be able to return to work, but not for some time.

You may apply for workers’ compensation benefits to help with your medical and medical-related expenses, along with a portion of your income. Other benefits may be available, depending on your circumstances. Obtaining these benefits can be a frustrating and stressful process, so you may want to consult with an attorney experienced in Minnesota’s workers’ compensation insurance program.



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