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3 questions about carpal tunnel syndrome surgery and workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

If your job involves repetitive tasks, the chances increase that you may eventually suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

According to research published by the National Library of Medicine, out of 1,000 people, one to three get diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in the United States. As an employee, you have rights that include coverage for injuries suffered in the workplace.

1. Does workers’ compensation cover carpal tunnel surgery?

The U.S. Office of Workers’ Compensation includes nonsurgical and surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome on its list of covered injuries. This repetitive stress injury occurs over time when tasks require repetitive or awkward motions. Like any workers’ comp claim, you will have to report the injury, seek medical attention, and prove your job caused it.

2. When should you file a claim?

The sooner you file, the better. If you need carpal tunnel release surgery, it may take weeks or months to heal and require physical therapy. Unfortunately, even if you have received the diagnosis and filled out all the necessary paperwork, getting approved comes with no guarantee.

3. How do you prove work caused your carpal tunnel syndrome?

Any workplace injury requires proof that it happened on the job or due to the job. With carpal tunnel syndrome, that becomes a bit tricky. You will have to prove your personal activities did not contribute to the diagnosis. Along with medical evidence, you will want to gather proof of your working conditions, such as a video of you performing your job. Additionally, you will need to demonstrate that your injury makes you unable to do your job.

A workers’ compensation claim for carpal tunnel surgery can potentially become complicated, but you deserve compensation for your injuries. An experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney can help.



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