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Blunt and penetrating trauma may lead to internal organ damage

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Surgery |

Nearly any internal injury can lead to lengthy hospital stays, disability, and even death. Blunt and penetrating trauma typically are the causes of internal organ injuries for workers. In many of these cases, negligence remains at the root.

Workers may sustain such injuries from falls, involvement in truck and forklift incidents, being caught in machinery, having objects penetrate the body, being struck by heavy equipment and violent attacks. In many of these cases, immediate surgery is necessary to save worker’s life.

The delicacy of internal organs

Understand that the internal organs are delicate. Any type of trauma may lead to an injury. Fractured ribs and bone fragments may puncture the organs, leading to lacerated kidneys, liver, or spleen. Trauma to the abdomen may lead to damaged kidneys and renal failure. Severe bleeding often occurs.

It is important to seek immediate medical attention after such an injury. However, some of these injuries may have delayed symptoms and may not surface until several hours after the injury incident.

Injuries and their surgeries

Here are some of the internal organ injuries and the necessary surgeries:

  • Ruptured spleen: Surgeons may be able use stitches to repair the spleen. However, in more serious cases, a splenectomy – the removal of a portion or the entire spleen – may be necessary.
  • Kidney damage: Symptoms from blunt trauma may include blood in the urine, and bruises on the back and abdomen. Surgeons may attempt to fix or and preserve the injured kidney. However, severe damage may lead to removal of the kidney.
  • Aortic rupture: Excessive trauma may lead to damage to the heart. Open heart surgery may be necessary to repair the aorta and damaged valves.
  • Liver damage: A lacerated or ruptured liver may lead to internal bleeding or bile leakage. Removal of a portion of the liver is a possibility.
  • Bowel damage: Like the liver, the bowel is in the abdomen area. Usually, the small bowel sustains injuries in trauma-related incidents. Intestinal surgery may resolve this situation.

Recovery from such injuries may take a long time. Have patience and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Seek guidance from an attorney

The seriousness of internal organ injuries cannot be understated. Damage to the kidneys, liver and heart may lead to a lifetime of health challenges. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, pursue workers’ compensation benefits and any other legal compensation.



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