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Surgical procedures related to workers’ compensation injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Work Injury, Workers' Compensation |

In the world of workers’ compensation, injuries resulting from accidents in the workplace are complex and varied.

While doctors can treat many of these injuries using conservative measures such as physical therapy or medication, in some instances, the injured worker needs surgical intervention to restore function of the affected body part and alleviate pain.

There are certain surgical procedures associated with workers’ compensation claims that are more common than others, including the following.

Arthroscopic surgery

This type of surgery is minimally invasive and commonly used for joint-related injuries in workers’ compensation cases.

This procedure involves inserting a small camera into the affected joint through a small incision, where surgeons can visualize the problem area and repair torn ligaments, remove bone spurs or loose ligaments, treat cartilage damage or address conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Spinal fusion

For back-related injuries and severe back pain, doctors can recommend spinal fusion, especially if herniated discs or degenerative disc diseases are present. This procedure involves fusing two or more vertebrae together using metal implants to stabilize the spine and relieve pain caused by motion.

Rotator cuff repair

Another common injury is the rotator cuff tear. Workers involved in physically demanding jobs that require repetitive shoulder motions are most at risk.

Surgical repair can involve an open procedure or arthroscopic techniques, which are less invasive, depending on the extent of the tear.

Carpal tunnel release

Repetitive hand movements can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Conservative treatments can help, but the injured worker may need surgery to relieve pressure on the median nerve.

Knee replacement

Depending on the severity, workers with knee injuries may require a total knee replacement.

Hernia repair

Hernias can result from heavy lifting, prolonged standing or sitting or other demanding tasks at work. Hernia repair usually involves surgery, where a surgeon pushes the bulging tissue back and strengthens the weakened abdominal wall with mesh implants.

Necessity of surgical intervention

Surgery is an option for workers’ compensation injuries if other treatments don’t work. The goal of these surgeries is to restore functionality and reduce pain from work-related accidents or injuries.

The mentioned examples are just a few common surgeries performed in such cases.



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