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Shoulder injury? Is it smart to settle a workers’ comp claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Work Injury |


If you have suffered a work-related shoulder injury, you may experience long-term health consequences. Shoulder injuries fall into the category of sprains, strains and tears, and it makes up a significant percentage of occupational musculoskeletal injuries. As with any other work-related injuries, you will be entitled to pursue financial relief through the Minnesota workers’ compensation insurance system.

However, some may advise you not to accept any settlement offers from your employer’s insurance provider without careful consideration. It might be wise to learn about the pros and cons of the types of settlements that are available.

Gather information

Your shoulder injury could be a fracture, or repeated arm and shoulder motions can lead to a torn rotator cuff. Another possible injury is a labral tear, which is damaged cartilage in the shoulder joint. You could also suffer impingement syndrome that could lead to tendinitis and bursitis, which are forms of inflammation in the rotator cuff. The workers’ compensation benefits you will receive will depend on the type of injury, the medical treatment you will need and the extent of your absence from work.

How much money will you receive?

Settlements for workers’ compensation vary depending on the circumstances. The basis of compensation is typically a percentage of your average weekly wage, and the duration depends on the severity of the injury. Different categories of benefits refer to disability that could be temporary or permanent, and partial or total, which will play an important role in the level of compensation you receive.

Benefit types

Shoulder injuries typically cause extended periods of absence from work, and your benefits will cover a percentage of lost income. Furthermore, the benefits will cover all your medical expenses related to the shoulder injury, including doctors’ and hospital bills, physical therapy, surgeries and medical equipment that you might need. This is where you might need professional advice, because shoulder injuries could require follow-up medical procedures, and if you settle for a lump sum payment of your workers’ compensation benefits, you may forfeit compensation for future medical expenses.

Weigh your options

It might be a wise move to consult with an experienced Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney to learn more about your options. Making informed decisions at this time is important because your future financial stability might be at stake.



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